Monday, 24 September 2012


First things first, we ought to remind ourselves that this trend concept evolves around the army, therefore natural hints and camouflage are essential. Anything spread in lashings of the patchy print will be considered appropriate for street style dressing.Camouflage and khaki are one of this autumn’s biggest hits, so forward march your look into the new season with camo trainers, skinny jeans, shirts, accessories and army jackets. Reach out for greens swamped with earthy undertones; moss, leaf and murky water shades are ideal. Avoid flashes of neon or sumptuous rich colouration (the latter  is better suited to the countryside trend, although don't be afraid to blend the two). This is a dark and dirty colour way.

You can even opt for these gorgeous nail paints.

So When are you flaunting your military instincts? ;-)

Color palette of olive green to khaki, army brown and black invoke a commarade look. Camouflage print undoubtly is the most straightforward way of following the trend. A pair of boyfriend shorts or a shirt in camouflage print is all you need.

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