Thursday, 6 September 2012


Now let me confess that I have a weakness for shoes. When it comes to shoes i get confused as to how many pairs to pick.A pair of good looking shoes can change the look of any costume.
while picking shoes one should keep in mind few things:
1Shoe should fit your arch well
2Avoid too narrow shaped shoes that may lead to pain in your toes.
3Test if  a pair of heels complete lifts when you walk ? if yes leave the pair .
Lastly I would say buying a perfect pair of shoe which makes a statement and makes you feel like royality is not easy to find ,so take your time , sip a drink ,relax and hunt for the right pair which will make you look like a diva.Wearing a perfect dress,slipping into a perfect pair of  shoe and heading out in winter evenings with friends.What more would i ask for ?:))

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