Thursday, 6 September 2012


Anything that makes you look like a million bucks even if it costs only a few hundred rupees!Elegance and style don’t come from putting a branded new dress, but from way you wear it and carry it off.For me fashion is comfort. If you are comfortable you will look fantastic because that will translate into your being confident.No matter how expensive the outfit is you may still exclude beauty.For me I do  not wear clothes because of designers.I would be with the outfit if it looks good on me and fits me right.There are many brands whom I admire but keep my eyes opened when I pick a outfit. Wardrobe discipline is one of the things I pay attention.One can say my wardrobe is well organseed most of the  times.Basically I have an obsessive compulsive disorder about everything in my wardrobe.I dress to the occassion and it’s all dependent on my mood. It’s difficult to define my style, somtimes its Harvardish, sometimes hip- hoppish.I like to dress well and there is no set rules about my dressing or styling.My fashion attitude- In order to be irreplacable, one must be different.
Make comfort your priority thats the mantra.

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