Recently i visited a beauty shop located at south Delhi ( In a mall ).Its called the The Nature's co .A beautiful shop full of nice smelling face/skin/hair/oral wellness products.I was browsing through the products and came across these amazing face products which i tried at home and totally admit that am a fan now of Nature's co.

It has good pore cleaning and exfoliates you face . Your skin will feel much more softer and soother.
The pack has to applied on face and then left foe few minutes - say 15 to 20 minutes and washed off.

 COFFEE FACE SCRUB The next product which i like is a face scrub It smells coffee and has coffee extracts (semi powdery coffee grits) which removes dead dead and rejuvenates.

The store had many such amazing beauty products including , foot care kit/Beach kit /Travel kit /Express facial kit /Love potion kit etc ..You would also find some accessories like oil burners ,slippers gloves and many such goodies and Gift items.What I had heard about the store is more that i saw there and its worth a visit .:)
Here is a link to the shop you can have a look and shop online too if you like or visit the store directly to see and test the product personally . Hope you had a nice time reading the post . Cheers!!:)


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