Wednesday, 3 October 2012


While crochet has been given the connotation of being a “homemaker’s art’ and “hippy style”, this fall crochet has made a glamorous fashion appearance. Crochet looks amazing when used to make chic dresses, cute shorts and tops that look great layered over a bandeau. I  love crochet because it has a chic retro feel. The open weave is perfect for summer and keeps one cool and fashion forward.

 Many crochet knits can be described as very revealing.So here are some tips you can include crochet tops in your wardrobe.
1.This fall style your crochet top over a chic bandeau of a cami-tank. Select crochet pieces that have a tighter weave, so the pieces will be less revealing.
2.You layer your crochet piece over a printed bandeau or one with a bold hue.
3.Because the weave of crochet is very detailed pair your crochet piece with plainer fabrics. Good fabrics to select are denim, cotton, and linen.
4 .If you want to incorporate crochet in your look minimalistically, select a crochet accessory.May be a  crochet accessories will bring a romantic vibe to your ensemble.:)

                                        Here is a peach/biege blended crochet top i have shopped and i totally love it :)

 love the bow shaped neck line

                                              Models showing how to wear crochet tops and midis :

Crochet accessories - shoes/bagsneck piece//even belts

                                           This one is a simple crochet collar - beautiful is'nt it ?:)

I hope you have enjoyed the post cheers !!


  1. The ways you suggested to wear crochet are great !

    And yes loose weaves can get a little too revealing in this part of the world!

    <3 your blog... would you like to follow each other ?

    Much Love
    The Heiress Blog