Monday, 1 October 2012


This is a quaint and nice little place tucked up in Khan Market. The smell of new books merges into the smell of coffee as you walk up the stairs through the book store into the cafe...very very heady.The place is a cafe, not a restaurant. Expectations must be commensurate. they do some nice coffee, better than most of the coffee places that I know of. They have some awesome desserts, which go along with the coffee. Nice places to sit and spend time and watch the world go by.

                                         Here are some pictures of the cafe and the outfit i wore for the day.

Striped - shrug - Van Huesan
White Tee - Max
Royal Blue Jeans - Max

Pair of new shoes which i got  from Khan Market - Local shop :)

My family :) with Hubby and son



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