Sunday, 2 June 2013

Casual Cropped jacket

Recently I got a chance to visit the University of agriculture science.Here are some of the pictures of the visit. I wore a cropped jacket with a floral print short top with collar. Kept the makeup very simple.
Loved the seeing the units and the greenery.

Picked up some orchard fresh tree ripen mangoes .(yummy)

Monday, 18 February 2013

Business casual for women

Hi everyone

Here I am with another post today and this post gives you tips about how to dress casual in a corporate environment or office .Because all clothing are not appropriate for office these guidelines might help to determine what to wear?.
"Professional" doesn't mean "dowdy," it doesn't mean "feminine," it doesn't mean "expensive."

Basic Rules 

Wear well fitted clothes.
Dress according to your job tasks.
Stick to closed toe shoes.(Big no to open sandals slippers etc)Always remember to shine your shoes.
Keep your hair tired up or a neat hair style will also do.subtle makeup.
Accentuate the positive. for example if you have great legs wear skirt but make sure they are of correct length.
Colors do matter. Avoid dazzling colors
Keep it simple and modest. (Avoid low neck lines and revealing dresses )
Know that you look good!!!(confident,happy,comfortable person = attractive person)

1.Avoid cloths which shows off more skin
2.Wear ironed clothes always.
3.Avoid clothes that have words /pictures that may be offensive to co - workers.
4.Avoid jazzy , heavy clothes or any kind of party wear .(except for some special occasions where in you are asked to wear it)
For business casual - Dockers.synthetic pants,dressy Capri are appropriate.
                                 Skirts that are split below or near the knees acceptable.
                                 Casual shirts, dress shirts, sweaters, tops golf- type shirts and turtle neck acceptable.
                                 Suit jackets/sports jacket acceptable.
                                 Indian outfits like salwar kameez/kurta - chudidar/Sari acceptable.
                                 Avoid kurta with very bold colors and prints.
                                 Walking shoes,loafers,clogs,sneakers,boots/dress heels,flats,leather shoes acceptable
                                 Any shoe with open toe are not acceptable.
                                 Jewelry /makeup/perfume should be subtle and minimal.
                                 Hats/head covers not acceptable.

Here are some pictures to help you know what exactly a business casual looks like.



Sunday, 17 February 2013

Lunch date - peach+pearls+blues

HI everyone !

I have been away for sometime from blogging !!!! But here I am again back with some intersting pictures and  tips. Hope you like it .

This is how i dressed up for valentine's day lunch date.I have teamed up a simple peach V neck top picked up from local shop at Delhi with a pair of  blue corduroy pants.Silver watch and a reptile print clutch.I kept the makeup very simple (kajal and liner , with a bronze shade peachy shade for the lips).Lastly I opted for my beige & white slip-on.

1. Go for casual dresses like a sundress if its warm /jeans and black top /white jeans and a cute top/skirt and a t-shirt .One can opt for colors like pinks,peaches or tangerines etc .You can team it up with flats or wedges.(so you don't wobble )You can also opt for correct  heels to bring harmony to your look.Try layering which is the most easiest and makes you look more natural and side by side stylish.Skip any necklines that highlight cleavage which is more apt for evening time.
2. Stay away from very dark and bright lipsticks - opt for lip gloss ( probably shades of pink /peach/ plum)
3. keep your make subtle.
4.Wear some accessories like earrings , bracelets which compliments your outfit. But do not accessorize too much keep it minimal and carry your day essentials in a satchel.
5. Go for a neat hairstyle.
6. Finish off by spraying your favorite perfume.
7.Go for a day bag /clutch (chain strap bags are more in fashion these days and even add quoitent to the regular bags)
8.The most important be yourself :D